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Time for Living

Golden Voices 'Time for Living' Songs

This is the album 'Time for Living' recorded by the Golden voices in 1971. If you click on this link      , a popup window will open and you can click on any song to start the continuous play through all the songs on the album.

OPTION: After starting a song, minimize the popup album window and you can listen to the album in the background while looking at other pages on this site, or just doing other activities on your computer.

Side 1

Time for Living / Lay Down Candles
Declaration / Heed the Call
Free at Last
Get Together - Robbie Smith, solo
Reach Out and Touch - Jan Forney - solo
Somewhere - Rita Wilkins - solo

Side 2

What is Truth - Larry Goss
Teach Your Children - David & Ray Angerman & Robbie Smith
America, Communicate with Me - Johnny Dodd
God is Love - Tim Echols
I'll Walk With God - Randy Lofgren
People - Debbie Warren, Bob Ridlehuber saxophone solo
Search Your Heart (choir)

No need to click on the image below - it's just needed to fulfill a technical requirement to get all this to work together.